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UAVO academy

We share knowledge

Drones’ licenses, online courses and state exams. Theory. Practice. Workshops. Discussions. We teach future UAV operators and we organize lectures for all licensed qualifications VLOS, BVLOS, INS, MTOM25.

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e-learning platform

We teach

Aviation online courses. All online courses has been created for people who look for flexibility, who need to save their time and value self-education.

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We create

Professional e-learning production studio is creating all kinds of content, not only for aviation, drones and space industry. We make video materials, graphics, visualizations, soundtracks. If you have your own idea we are ready to create a place for it on our online platform.

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We are

AIRBORN: training centre which has been providing UAVO training courses since 2013; production studio, e-learning platform.

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Let's stay in touch

If you have any questions or any suggestions feel free to contact us.