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UAVO state exams

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UAVO exams for current and future drones operators

About exams

Anyone who uses drones or unmanned aerial vehicles for purposes other than leisure and sports must have a UAVO qualification certificate with the appropriate VLOS, BVLOS or other entitlement, which can only be obtained by passing a state examination or an internal examination. In the case of UAVO VLOS entitlements up to 5 kg, only an internal exam is carried out by the center - the state examination is valid for the remaining entitlements.

Choose the type of exam and download the appropriate application


Issue of Qualification Certificates and rights for the first time


Entry of additional authorization to the qualification certificate


Resumption of the authorization which lost its validity


The examination process

UAVO Liability insurance

Before starting the UAVO state examination, it is necessary to have an OC policy. Excluding candidates applying for UAVO VLOS licenses up to 5kg.

You don't have UAVO Liability insurance? Ask for our offer.

Exams fees

The state examination entails additional costs, unless they were included in the total price of the training at the stage of creating the offer. For VLOS trainings up to 5 kg, only the fee for issuing the qualification certificate applies.

Payments to the Civil Aviation Office, additional costs, discounts for students..

Medical research

Applicants for members of the air crew must have a medical certificate of the appropriate category. It is necessary to approach the UAVO state examination. This rule does not apply only to candidates applying for VLOS licenses up to 5 kg.

You can get them from the medical examiners or in the aviation medicine centers. After passing the aeronautical research, which we divide into Initial, periodic, ad hoc, appeals

Documents necessary for the UAVO exam

Usually, you must prepare your own documents to take the state examination. The set of documents should be put in a plastic foil and placed in order

  • Liability insurance - only for inspection by the examiner
  • ULC fee - a copy of the payment confirmation
  • Photocopy of the medical certificate - copy
  • Certificate of completion of the UAVO training - original
  • Application for the issue of a qualification certificate - original
  • Personal ID - only for the examiner's view

For Instructor INS exams are required additionally:

  • Qualification Certificate together with a valid basic entitlement
State Exam UAVO - theoretical part

The theoretical part of the state examination is a test of choice (a, b, c, d). Usually there are 12 questions per one subject module and answers are given on the answer sheet. The scope of the material depends on the type of authorization for which the candidate applies. The duration of the exam, expressed in minutes, is the product of the number of questions x 1 minute.

As part of the one-time exam fee for the theoretical examination, you can take up to three times, but in subsequent approaches we only correct modules that have not been previously classified. The theoretical examination is passed only when the candidate for the UAVO operator obtains a score of at least 75% from each of the examination modules. After successfully passing the theoretical part, the candidate joins the practical part of the UAVO state examination.

State Exam UAVO - practical part

The practical part of the UAVO state examination depends on the type of qualification the candidate is admitted to. It is a set of tasks performed according to the principles of VLOS, BVLOS or FPV in various flight modes ATTI, GPS or sometimes FLY and MANUAL.

The state examiner of Aviation Examination Commission may,, during the practical examination, ask theoretical questions, in particular in the scope of equipment servicing, operational preparation and rules of use and procedures of airspace reservation.

Part of the practical test may be carried out on the ground or using flight simulators. Before the practical exam, the examiner clearly defines its course and after completing it gives the result along with justification.

On end

After passing both parts of the UAVO state examination, we await the document of the qualification certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you have not passed the theoretical test, you have two more approaches. If you have failed on the practical exam, you will receive an exam report from the examiner along with instructions that must be followed. This may include, among others, an indication to supplement the practical training or theoretical training for the unsatisfied elements.

After completing the deficiencies, the representative of the center where the training was carried out on the implementation of the recommendations should be taken, the fee for the repetitive practical exam should be collected and the practical examination should be resumed.

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