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UAVO academy

How long does the VLOS basic training take?

VLOS training to 5kg takes three days. This is the minimum amount of time required to master the material required on the internal exam, under the UAVO certification is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. The fourth day of the course is for people who (parallel to the selected category, in this case VLOS) would like to expand their skills in controlling the UAV with a higher weight category of 5 - 25 kg. After completing the fourth day of the training, the trainee approaches the state examination , gaining authorization to perform unmanned aerial vehicle flights with a starting weight (MTOM) of up to 25kg.

How long does the advanced BVLOS training last?

The BVLOS training lasts 4 days (or 5 days for the BSP starting weight up to 5 kg). During the course, participants improve their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle control skills beyond the line of sight.

Do I have to have my own equipment for training?

NO. All trainings are carried out on the equipment of the center.

What hours does the training take place?

By default, classes start at 09:00 and finish at 17:00.

Is the state exam included in the price?

NO. The state examination, as in the case of driving licenses, is subject to a separate fee. Detailed information in the "uavo exams" tab.

How much does the state exam cost?

The cost of the state examination is PLN 211 (total fee for the theoretical and practical part as well as the issue of the qualification certificate).

Fee for the first UAVO certificate - PLN 45
Theoretical examination fee for the qualifications certificate - 56 PLN
The fee for a practical exam for a qualification certificate - PLN 110
(data from 14/09/2019)

If you apply for VLOS licenses up to 5 kg, you only have to pay for issuing certificates of qualifications (PLN 45), directly to the account of the Civil Aviation Authority.
In connection with the entry into force of the new regulations (February 2019), the issuance of the qualification certificate is preceded by training and a positive result of the internal examination carried out in the training center by an authorized instructor.

What is the pass rate of exams?

There is no such thing as pass rate. Mastering knowledge and skills in training is sufficient to pass the state examination and depends on the trainee.

What are the additional costs associated with the qualification certificate?

Aero-medical examinations together with issuing a medical certificate, payment for a state examination (paid at the Civil Aviation Authority), fee for renting equipment for an exam in the absence of own equipment, civil liability policy for the exam.
In the case of VLOS 5 kg DOES NOT require medical examinations. The only additional fee that the candidate bears is the cost of issuing the qualification certificate (PLN 45).

When should I pay for the course?

The payment must be made before the beginning of the course. Making a payment involves booking a place on the course. It happens that the subscriptions for a given training end one week before the course starts, so it is worth making payments well in advance.

Can people without experience participate in the training?

OF COURSE. The VLOS training is dedicated to both people without experience as well as to medium-advanced operators. A person without experience can also approach VLOS + BVLOS training.

Do I have to do medical tests before the training?

A valid medical certificate (issued by an AME) is issued after passing a set of tests required by a doctor.
In accordance with applicable regulations, in order to enter the UAVO BVLOS course (UAVO VLOS up to 25 kg), you should undergo aero-medical examinations and approaches for individual consultation with a medical examiner who issues a medical certificate.
Research can be done on your own and apply for a course with an important decision. There is also the possibility of doing research organized by our center in one of the clinics cooperating with us (depending on the city in which the research is carried out, their price may vary).
For candidates acquiring the VLOS rating up to 5 kg - aeronautical research is not required.

Does the eye defect disqualify me as an operator?

If there are no contraindications from the doctor, the eye defect is not an obstacle to the course. All doubts regarding the state of health and, as a consequence, the use of UAV will be solved during individual consultations with the medical examiner.

Is it possible to pass a state examination after completing the training?

YES. After each training, a state examination or an internal exam is carried out (depending on the type of entitlements and the weight category of the UAV). You can approach it if you have successfully completed the training (passed by the Training Manager).
The state examination does not apply to VLOS entitlements up to 5 kg - here a positive result from an internal examination conducted by an instructor authorized by the center is required.

Do you issue VAT invoices?

YES. The invoice is generated automatically by the sales system.

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