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Preparatory training for the state examination in order to issue the INS certificate entered in the UAVO qualification certificate. The entitlement gives you the opportunity to take up a job in the profession of a UAVO instructor at any training center or to register your own training center in terms of your rights.

The condition for issuing the INS instructor certificate is:

  1. possession of a valid VLOS license or BVLOS license
  2. completing theoretical training and practical training
  3. passing a mock state exam - internal exam
  4. passing the exam in front of the examination board in the area of INS instructor's license
  5. successfully completed supervised instructor practice

The training takes place in accordance with the training program approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. It consists of four stages in accordance with the schedule agreed by the training entity, approved by the training manager. Each trainee participating in the training should be familiarized with the training program in force in the training entity.

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Stages of training

Theoretical training - exercises and workshops in the form of case studies


Practical training on land and in flight as well as methodical flights VLOS and BVLOS


Theoretical and practical state exam

Supervised instructor practice

The training entity verifies the knowledge and skills of the student at each stage of the training, and only after passing them, and passing the internal exam, issues a certificate of completion of the training enabling an approach to the state examination.

Theoretical training

Theoretical training covers the following subjects:

  1. pedagogics
  2. aviation law
  3. training methodology
  4. flight rules
  5. flight safety
  6. first aid in an emergency
  7. man's possibilities and limitations
  8. special cases in flight, flight safety issues

Practical training

Practical training to become an INS instructor may be started after completing theoretical flight training and includes at least 4 hours of ground training and at least 10 methodical flights as part of air training. The total duration of practical training in the basic BSP category is about 8 hours.

Supervised instructor practice

A supervised instructor practice involves training at least 2 candidates to a level that allows them to obtain a UAVO operator qualification certificate.

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